Selena Gomez app accepted! 

Name: Nicole

Age & Timezone: 16 & EST

Ships: Anyone.~

Desired Celeb: Selena Gomez

Para Sample:

Removed for privacy.~

Join as Selena, Liam, Justin Biebs & Jasmine V 

We want these face claims badly! Or join as anyone.~

 femaleweezy- asked: "Tell people to unfollow me"

unfollow ._.’


Oh and if your interested in being co-admin 

message me.~

Won’t be accepting until later tonight~ 

it’s fair, I think.~

 getaway-confessional-deactivate asked: "Im sending in a app for Selala."

kk ~

 itsgottabehollywood asked: "Reserve Selala? :) I'm auditioning now. c:"


No one wants to play Selena Gomez? 

Or Justin Bieber, and Jasmine Villegas?

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Jasmine V 

are all reopened! Apply as one of them now, and I will accept them later tonight.~